Who's Cathy Rosi?

Discover Cathy's inspiring story

At first sight, the numbers and the kitchen seem to be two different worlds. For Cathy, these are two chapters of the same exciting story. Before you delight her tasty dishes, she juggled between the columns of figures as an accountant. A precise, meticulous job where every detail counts.

But one day, a spark occurred. One latent passion for cooking, buried under bills and balances, began to shine. Cathy decided to listen to her heart and plunge head down into the delicious world of gastronomy.

Today Cathy is no longer in front of a computer to align numbers, but in your kitchen, to align flavors, textures and aromas. Every dish she prepares is a reflection of her love for the kitchen and his will to share this happiness with you.

The precision and attention to detail that she has acquired as an accountant now translates into each plate she presents. With carefully chosen ingredients, recipes refined with passion, Cathy offers you a culinary experience up to her inspiring journey.

From accounting in the kitchenThe transition may seem surprising. But for Cathy, it's proof that when you follow your passion, you can turn the numbers into delicious flavors!

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Radio Star

If Cathy's culinary talent allowed him to capsized hearts (and taste buds) at home, he did not stop there. Its passion for food crossed the borders of the kitchen to find echo on the waves Radio Star.

You may have heard his sparkling voice share recipes, tricks and tasty anecdotes during his culinary chronicle. She tells the cooking with the same love and energy she puts to prepare a dish. For Cathy, this is another way to share and spread her love for gastronomy.

His unique journey, from accountant to head at home, then chronicler, brings a touch of authenticity and freshness to his interventions. She has the gift of making the kitchen accessible, fun and exciting, while emphasizing the importance of the quality and authenticity of the ingredients.

Whether through your speakers or in your dining room, Cathy continues to share her passion with the world.

Figue Festival in Solliès-Pont

When it comes to celebrating the delights of nature, Cathy is always in the front line, and the Figue Festival in Solliès-Pont is no exception. Each year, this iconic event celebrates the fleshy and sweet fruit that has made the region famous. And for Cathy, this is an opportunity to highlight her culinary creativity.

Inspired by the rich taste of fig, it concocts original dishes that highlight the unique taste of this fruit. From mouth to dessert, Cathy knows how to surprise and delight the taste buds. His culinary demonstrations always attract a crowd of curious, eager to discover his new creations and to bring with them a piece of this magic.

Join Cathy during the Figue Festival and dive into a gastronomic adventure where tradition and innovation meet, all under the sign of passion and sharing.

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St. Mandrier

Saint-Mandrier-sur-Mer market

Culinary challenge duo with M. The mayor of Saint Mandrier, Gilles Vincent, around local of the market