Cathy Rosi, Head chef at home in the Var (south of France)

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Le Pradet


La Crau

The Guard

La Farlède

La Valette

Solliès Pont


La Seyne-sur-Mer


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You don't just invite a kitchen professional home. You open the door at a time filled with flavors, laughter, exchanges, and above all, unforgettable memories. So, ready to try the experiment?

Cathy Rosi

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The magic of a chef at home »

You know, this unique feeling when you enter a restaurant and every dish tells a story? Imagine this experience, not in a restaurant, but comfortably installed at home! This is exactly what a Head of home.

It's not just being a home chef. cook delicious meals. It is above all a human adventure, an intimate, personalized experience, where every detail counts.


The little ones more than one head at home:

  • A careful ear: Above all, it takes the time to listen to your tastes, preferences and even intolerances or allergies. Do you have a special craving? She's here to realize it.
  • Carefully chosen products: no exceptional meals without exceptional products! I travel to local markets, choose the best seasonal products, and work directly with passionate producers.
  • A tailor-made experience: from the choice of dishes to the presentation, to the atmosphere and the service, everything is thought to make you live a unforgettable moment.
  • A culinary learning: curious how is this creamy sauce or this light dessert made? I am pleased to share my tips and tips!
  • Zero constraint: the best for the end! Once the meal savored, no need to think about cleaning. I take care of everything, like I've never been through it.
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"There is no good food if initially it is not made out of friendship for the one to whom it is intended. »

Paul Bocuse

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A chief at your home

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News from the kitchen...

Beyond what I'm up to to amaze your taste buds with the advantage of tasting this from home, I also share my news and culinary tips on this site...

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