"A la carte"

Each meal is a story, a journey through flavors, and Cathy is there to guide this journey. With an innate sense of creativity, attention to detail and an overflowing passion, Cathy offers a range of services designed to transform each occasion into an unforgettable moment.

Whether you want an intimate evening, a family celebration or simply rediscover the pleasure of authentic flavours, Cathy has something special to offer. Discover below the extent of his talents and let yourself be carried away by a taste adventure that goes beyond ordinary.

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No fixed card, no imposed menus. Your desires guide my creativity and inspire my proposals.

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Annual meal

Each anniversary is unique, a celebration of a special moment in life. Cathy knows this, and it is with this spirit that she makes Birthday meal tailored. Forget ordinary dishes and expect an explosion of flavors, especially adapted to your occasion and tastes. Let it be for a intimate party or major celebration, Cathy turns every birthday into one memorable culinary experience. Because for her, Celebrating one more year deserves a meal at the height of the event !

Diner cocktail

Cathy Rosi propose des diner cocktail to make your events even more special. With its culinary creativity, it develops unique combinations of flavours that will surprise and delight your guests. Whether for an intimate occasion or a great celebration, diner cocktail brings to your event friendly and memorable atmosphere.

Culinary workshop at home

The art of cooking is not limited to tasting, it is also about creative experience. With the home cooking workshops from Cathy, discover the pleasure of making delicious dishes under the wise advice of an expert. Each workshop is an invitation to explore, learn and have fun. Whether you are a beginner or a knowledgeable cook, Cathy adapt its sessions to your levelensuring a friendly and enriching moment. Turn your kitchen into a real one laboratory of flavours and share a unique moment, guided by Cathy's passion and know-how.

Meals at home

It is not always necessary to go out to live a exceptional culinary experience. Cathy understands well and offers you to taste his creations right at home. Whether it's a special occasion or simply a desire to enjoy yourself, Cathy transforms every meal at home into a real feast. Each dish is prepared with care, passion and special attention to your preferences. Enjoy a gastronomic moment without leaving the comfort of your home, all served with the smile and generosity that characterize Cathy.

Cooking demonstrations

Where the flavours mix, traditions, terroir products Cathy is often on the front line, ready to share his passion. On the local markets, festivals, local festivals or any other event celebrating gastronomy, it offers live and interactive culinary demonstrations. Every demonstration is a show, where the art of cooking comes to life before your eyes. Cathy invites you to discover the secrets of ingredients, the refined techniques over the years and small tips that make all the difference. It's also an opportunity to exchange, ask questions, and of course, taste.