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Restaurant "Saisons" in Marseille

27 Oct 2023 | 0 comments

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Cannot go through Marseille without making a stop at Restaurant « Seasons » https://restaurant-seasons.com/ in Marseille

The restaurant

Located near Castellane Square and very easy access, the Restaurant « Seasons » is one of the few Star tables de Marseille.

The journey begins as soon as we cross the door of this restaurant one star by one refined and refined decor. In order not to waste any of this experience, we can see it, thanks to the open kitchen, star chef Julien Diaz and his brigade is concocting us from fabulous feasts.

Reception and service, under the direction of the sommelier, Guillaume Bonneud, impeccable and warm, we quickly carry in a temple of gastronomy.

The kitchen

I'm a fan of the chef. Julien Diaz For a few years now and I'm not tired of his cooking. This modern kitchen is rooted in respect for Original and original tastes. Thus, when you taste your dishes, you are transported betweennew initiatives and Regressive memories.... When I see these dishes coming, I'm always stunned by sublime and not overrated dressings and when I taste them, I always ask: "But what does that remind me?» and suddenly I remember the memories of childhood, one travel to Corsica..….

I invite you to discover her kitchen. It is financially affordable and there is something for every taste. The starred chef Julien DIAZ work des local outputs, de Land and above all Crafts. He does not hesitate to indicate them on his card. In its signature dishes, we can find fresh fish to l‘immortal and to the poutargue, foie gras marinatedabsinthe, risotto carnaroli with saffron andCypress oil, the seciche Boiled in link and the marine rift, veal and Camargue lentils, a cloud of primadicciu (Corsican goat cheese) toolive oil of the mill Oltremonti https://www.oltremonti.fr/en/1 75% chocolate to spices and to the pistachio….

I invite you to discover all their menus on their website : https://restaurant-seasons.com/menu-season/

But it's on for me the next menu will be the menu Bottle !

Wine and other beverages

Says gastronomySays harmonious support dishes with quality wines. And this is the part of Guillaume Bonneud, on sommelier of the restaurant « Seasons ». Guillaume Bonneud, is a professional wine highly competent and experienced. He has a thorough knowledge of the different grape varieties, of the wine regions, Land, Manufacturing and Technology tasting. It advises us perfectly on the wines that accompany each dish. I highly recommend you, a food and wine agreement. Its expertise helps to improve the experience of tasting wines and harmonising flavours exquisite dishes of the Chief Julien DIAZ.

In conclusion

You really can't go through Marseille without stopping at restaurant « Seasons » !

And you will understand, I am a great fan!

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Cathy Rosi

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