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7 Jan 2024 | 0 comments

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Depuis très jeune, je suis addict aux magazines et livres de cuisine de toutes sortes.

In the last few days by sorting a little, I found this vieux magazine de 1984That was 40 years ago.


I really bought a lot of livres de cuisine and trained in a lot of recipes. In these books, there is one that I especially loved about cuisines du monde. Il relatait notamment toutes les recettes traditionnelles typiques de chaque Asian countries. I had made a plat unique, spécialité de Birmanie, whose name I forgot but today I still remember its taste. The ingredients were not easily found at that time so I took the bus and went to Toulon chez Palmer, la seule épicerie où on trouvait tous les produits du monde1 cave of Ali Baba pour moi !

This little weekly magazine, I remember very well. I had invited people for whom I had made this Italian menu. I don't remember who I had invited (ops!) but I remember very well this menu, its tastes and the mistakes I had made on its design.

Today, I wanted to do it again and I'll give you pictures!


  • Baguettes Tivoli, gressins au jambon de Parme
  • Spaghetti Corso, au thon et aux poivrons
  • Bœuf bouilli Colisée, brocolis et crème au safran
  • Parmesan et poire
  • Sabayon Fabiola, sabayon au Marsala


Les recettes

Exceptionnellement, je ne rédigerai pas les recettes mais je vous joins les pages du fameux magazine !

In conclusion

Ces recettes sont faciles à faire. Il est important de bien respecter le temps de cuisson du rôti de bœuf pour avoir une viande saignante. La partie la plus technique est le sabayon Marsala. Throughout the cooking process, you must not stop beating the preparation and quickly. We're having a quick pain in our arm...

Bonne découverte !

portrait cathy rosi
Cathy Rosi

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