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Happy New Year 2024!

1 Jan 2024 | 0 comments

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Happy New Year 2024! Happy new year!

I wish you all an excellent year 2024 !

Receive all my wishes for health and happiness.

That this year 2024 bring you joy, laughter, love, emotions……

Always keep in mind that your health is on the plate So eat fun, eat healthy!

Focus on what nature offers us over the seasons. Discover your traders, artisans, local producers...

As for me, for this new year, I stand ready to meet all your culinary challenges!

A 2023 year full of twists!

This profession of Head of home is varied and rich in encounters and all kinds of requests! The challenges have been many! The challenges have passed through complex meals without kitchen available, Theme menus every day for a single family (Italian, Mexican, Russian, Thai, ....), the soufflés in the entrance and dessert (and 2 kinds of dessert otherwise it would have been too easy!), the families of 20 people where each has a particularity (vegan, lactose-free, gluten-free, allergenic, veggie……)

But I love my job! You can't do business without passion!

Dining cocktails for individuals or business leaders

Weddings, birthdays

Theme evenings

Meals at home (on site or on delivery)

Culinary demonstrations

Workshops (private or public)

And all the other requests...

Breakfast, snacks, tastes, picnic, .....

portrait cathy rosi
Cathy Rosi

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