The Disciples of Auguste Escoffier

22 Nov 2023 | 0 comments

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This Monday, November 21, 2023, the disciples of Augustus Escoffier Var Alps under the leadership of their President Raymond Macario Vice-President Jean Troin organised the annual gala around a gourmet meal created by the inducted chefs the previous year.


As the tradition, menu quality was developed by the Inductees at the d galaisciples of Auguste Escoffier 2022.

The Gala

This gala is organised every year for more than 20 years by the disciples of Augustus Escoffier Var. It's a charity gala for the purpose ofto raise funds for sick children. This year it brought together 250 participants. The evening is punctuated with a raffle and lots were offered by generous donors and partners. Thus, the winners left with Magnums of wine, Champagne, Gourmet baskets, repas in restaurants and even Rugby match places !


At the annual gala disciples of Augustus Escoffier, President Raymond Macario Induct new leaders. During the‘Intronization, the Chiefs are reminded the very principles of the disciples namely: equality between disciples without distinction of rank, the transmission of knowledge, respect for culture and the perpetual evolution of cooking, the realization of actions for charitable causes.

Intronization is done with a large spoon in noble wood and all new disciple receives a blow on the shoulder

After oath, sponsor to the new disciple sound Scarfthe distinguishing sign, and its diploma. In the Varour President also presents the White kitchen jacket embroidered with the disciples' logo from Auguste Escoffier gilded.

The association of the disciples of Augustus Escoffier in the Var

Under the chairmanship of Raymond Macario, the association has returned for more than 20 years aids for sick children or other causes for more than 5000.000 €. These aids are sometimes paid in cash but also in equipment as needed: car for children's transportation, adapted wheelchair, operations abroad, travel to Canada for mother-child training, a computer in Braille, and recently a blade for a person who has been amputated, allowing him to do sport.

Auguste Escoffier

Auguste Escoffier, King of cooks and cook of kings, is the chef who has revolutionized culinary uses of gastronomy. First of all, he imposed the respect in the kitchen and correct holding. He createda brigade as we know it today. He imposed the new hygiene rules. It reduced the number of dishes and was the first to propose the service to Russian, i.e. service on the plate.

Precursor of dietetics, he limited the richness of the dishes by eliminating the flours from the sauces for example to replace them with bottom and ice. He turned the kitchen into a culinary and scientific art. The kitchen of the large houses today is the one he set up. All the leaders today have the Escoffier culinary guide.

He left us some popular recipes like the Crêpe Suzette, created for the Prince of Wales which was accompanied by a certain Suzette. We all know the fishing Melba which he created for the Cantrix Nelly MELBA of which he had fallen under the charm of hearing his voice. And it's still a voice that's adorned, that of the Cantrix Hortense Schneider, duringoperetta "La Belle Hélène" from Offenbach who inspired her the recipe of the pear Belle Helen !

portrait cathy rosi
Cathy Rosi

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